Uni Room Decoration Ideas

A new bedroom each year is an unexpected perk of uni life that I love to spend way too much time planning and organising every summer. Is that a bit sad? Probably. But you can’t tell me that trawling through Pinterest looking for bedroom inspo isn’t a heck of a lot of fun.

From choosing a colour scheme, to finding cute little decorative trinkets and potted plants (always go with a cactus- near enough impossible to kill) … I love having a completely blank canvas to put my own creative stamp on.


Colour scheme

The first thing to do is to pick a colour scheme. As ridiculous as it sounds, you will most likely be associated with that theme for the rest of your time at uni. I will forever be known for my adoration of rose gold, and for managing to have a “messy yet organised and homely feel” to my room (however that works). Obviously you can’t paint walls and such, so your colour scheme will primarily be seen through your bedding and décor.

These are some of my favourite colour schemes at the moment.



This mint and gold scheme is incredibly modern, and really good for brightening up a room. A plain mint duvet cover can be complemented with some bold, vibrant cushions that help to tie the room together. Little rose gold trinkets are really on trend, and can be found almost anywhere.




The pink, grey and copper combo is great for a more ‘grown up’ bedroom style. A basic grey duvet cover is pretty nothing-y on its own, but can be made really beautiful with some pops of colour. An Aztec print dusty pink cushion would work well, along with sparkly gold cushion as a focal point. Patterned bunting is a timeless piece of bedroom decoration, and can be found really cheap on Etsy.




Grey and yellow has become the must- have colour scheme of the past few years and epitomises the ever popular shabby chic look. These colours work as both blocks and patterns, so you can adapt it to a style that works for you. A chunky knitted throw is not only useful for winter, but also helps make a room feel cosy- regardless of the colour scheme. Again, an Aztec print lends itself well to this colour combo.


Bedding sets 


This is my room from second year which I looooved. The duvet is a gorgeous set from Catherine Lansfield and cost about £30. I received so many complements about this cover and it was definitely worth the investment. Obviously bedding has to be changed, so I also got a slightly cheaper mauve cover to alternate it with.

Bedding can be outrageously expensive, but I’ve found that Dunelm and Wayfair are some of the best places to buy reasonably priced duvet sets. Make sure you check the descriptions, however, as pillowcases are not always included in the price.



Anyone that knows me, knows that I am an absolute sucker for trinkets. I’m currently on the hunt for a gold dinosaur statue from Homesense, but have thus far been unsuccessful.

Yes, they are arguably a bit of a waste of money. But they are great for making a room homely and can sometimes be multifunctional. (sorry that most/ all of the following items are rose gold)


Bookends. Not only do they look fab, but they do actually serve a purpose. These are great for storing your books either on a shelf or a mantelpiece. There are so many different styles available, you are almost guaranteed to find a pair that you like.

Fairylights. No room is complete without a set of fairylights (I had 7 last year, but who’s counting). They are my favourite piece of bedroom décor and can be used for so many different things- aside from the obvious. Hung from little adhesive tab hooks, a draped set of fairy lights can be a great way to hang pictures in your room. It also avoids the age old issue of blu-tac marks being left on a wall, so you don’t have to worry about any last ditch attempts to clean those off. Smaller sets of lights also look beautiful when placed in a plastic/ glass bowl, mason jar or vase; white gold lights are probably best for this.

Cacti. The number 1 student plant of choice. Easy to maintain, good to look at, and typically come in sets of three. Failing this, however, fake potted plants work just as well and require absolutely no looking after.

Jewellery holder. I’m the worst for keeping track of where I leave all my jewellery. So a jewellery holder of any variety is a great way to look after all your bits and bobs and to keep them in one place. They also take up very little room, so can fit nicely on a chest of drawers or desk.

Quote print. These are also one of my favourite things to have around my room. You can buy ready printed quotes from pretty much anywhere, though they do vary in price. It’s also really easy to make your own. All you need is a frame, which you can pick up cheaply, and some coloured card to print your quote on to. If you’re not allowed to hang things up in your room, prop the frame up on your shelf or desk.

Storage box. Storage is at a premium in uni rooms. So whatever you can find to help with this can’t go a-miss. IKEA have some great pop up storage boxes in a variety of sizes that can go on or under your desk. Fabric boxes are also great for extra clothes storage, as well as the flatter rolling boxes that can fit under a bed.

Your room is your space, and it’s really important to make it your own. Set a budget and have a look online and in store for the best prices. And trust me, Pinterest will  be your holy grail through all of this.

Ellie x


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