What I eat in a (healthy) day

Ironically, I am writing this after having a massive slice of chocolate cake (Betty Crocker knows the way to my heart). I am in no way claiming to be a healthy eater. While my relationship with food is way better than it used to be, my diet has been a bit all over the place recently. But I think summer is the perfect opportunity to get back into the swing of things on the health front. If I’m going through such a health phase, these are the types of food that I aim to eat.

*Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be a food/ diet/ nutrition expert, but this is the food that works for me. It is relatively healthy (in terms of what I am looking for), but still really tasty.


For those that know me, you know I am not a breakfast person. I’m a ‘throw a banana or breakfast biscuit into my bag and eat it halfway through a lecture’ kind of girl. But, I always think that summer gives you the time to make some effort and be a little more adventurous with breakfast (well, as adventurous as you can be).

Porridge is always a good option. Oats are great for keeping you going during the day, and you can put whatever you want on top. I use gluten free oats (the golden syrup ones are my fave) and top the porridge with fresh berries. Though, frozen berries are also a great lower- cost alternative.

If you are always in a rush in the mornings what not make some overnight breakfast pots the day before? They are a quick, easy and luxury breakfast alternative that you can also eat as snacks during the day. My favourite is the ‘Vegan Chocolate Chia Seed Pot’, that I actually found in Pret the other day. Don’t let the name scare you. It’s not a super expensive or complicated pretentious vegan recipe.  They take two minutes to make at home and you only need 4 ingredients (I got the recipe from a website that I can no longer seem to find, so just take my word for it).

Shake together:

  • 250ml of almond milk (or whatever milk you like)
  • 3tbs of chia seeds (you can find these pretty much anywhere)
  • 1 ½ tbs of cocoa powder

in a mason jar, or even a bottle- just something with a lid. Once shaken, add

  • 1 tsp of maple syrup or any other sweetener.


I then poured the mixture into individual ramekins, and put them in the fridge overnight to set. You can eat the pot by itself, or with fresh berries- I usually go for raspberries and blueberries- or granola.  


Usually, I just find lunch to be an awkward meal that I can’t really be bothered with. If I’m feeling lazy, I will quite happily have a tuna or ham sandwich and be done with it. But if I have a little more time on my hands, or fancy a slightly healthier option, I look to make my go- to salad (if it can even really be called that). It’s not the healthiest, but it’s incredibly adaptable and tastes really good. All you need is:

  • Lots of spinach
  • Some drained and chopped sundried tomatoes (or actual tomatoes if you can stand them)
  • Crumbled feta
  • Chopped wholemeal pitta
  • Some cold chicken
  • Little bit of balsamic vinegar for dressing

And that’s it!

It’s one of my favourite things to eat for a light summer lunch, but is still really filling. Of course, add whatever other bits of veg or anything else that takes your fancy.


It’s no secret that I love a good tuna and sweetcorn or cheesy beany jacket potato for dinner. They’re cheap, easy, and the perfect comfort food. As much as I’d like to, however, I can’t live off potatoes for the rest of my life.

Another dinner favourite of mine is a risotto. It’s an incredibly diverse dish, that really takes no time or effort at all. I also keep my recipe pretty basic to keep it as healthy as possible. As a basis, you will need some Arborio rice and a stock cube dissolved in boiling water- I usually use chicken stock. From there, you can really do anything you want. I like to bulk my risotto out with some chicken (baked in the oven), red pepper and spinach. Mushrooms, tomato, bacon and chorizo also make for good risotto fillings. I usually season with some salt, pepper and paprika… then mix everything together and serve. While it may not be the healthiest life decision, you can’t go wrong with a little sprinkle of cheese on top (unless you can’t eat dairy, then you would be going wrong).


I’m currently going through a biscuit phase, so healthy snacks are not really my area of expertise at the moment. So bearing that in mind, I think it’s important to find snacks that you enjoy (and taste good), but still have some health benefits somewhere. Of course, fruit is always a good option.

If I haven’t already had berries in the morning, I will usually have those or sometimes a banana. But my ultimate snack of choice is ‘Popchips’. They’re delicious, gluten free and much better for you than a bag of crisps. My all-time favourite are the bacon (ridge) flavour, but they have lots of other options. Buy them, try them, love them. And thank me later.  

Again, I am not claiming that this is the healthiest ‘what I eat in a day’ option. But it’s relatively balanced, really tasty and not horrifically unhealthy.

Ellie x

PS. I have very few regrets about the chocolate cake.


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