20 things I’ve learnt by 20: Part 2

While the more major life lessons of my last post are important, so too are the lessons you learn through your awkward teenage years. Times have changed, but some of the things that we experienced in our early teens are still the same for those today. Though, I pity the youth of 2017 that will never understand the joys of updating their Bebo account, or trying to make up a really cool MSN bio line.

11)   Do not go near your eyebrows with a pair of tweezers until absolutely necessary

I was thinking of inserting some pictures of my many eyebrow faux pas over the years, but I can’t do that to myself. I was 11 when I started plucking my eyebrows (because a guy in my tutor made some comment about everyone having monobrows) and I have regretted it ever since. Don’t do it kids, it’s not worth the painful years of trying grow them back.

12)   Avoid cutting your own hair, where possible

I mean, I am definitely still guilty of this one from time to time. It’s so tempting just to chop a little bit away here of there with a pair of kitchen scissors, rather than pay a ridiculous amount at the hairdressers. But, again, I would advise against this as it is likely to go tits up and not turn out how you want it to. If you are really desperate to go rogue, buy yourself a pair of hairdressing scissors off amazon for a fiver.

13)   Make sure your foundation colour actually matches your skin tone

This may have been more of a problem that people of my generation experienced between 2010-13, where YouTube still wasn’t really a thing. We didn’t have Zoella telling us how to apply our make- up correctly, which led to many an orange face gracing the school corridors. Just make sure that you choose the correct colour, and blend it all the way down that neckline.

14)   Fashion trend will come and go, but the photographic evidence endures

I have had too many horrific fashion phases to recall. Whether that was hopping on the ‘neon’ trend that seemed to endure most of years 7-9, or when it was cool to wear leggings under a skirt. Unfortunately, in 2017, it is likely that every outfit disaster will be photographically documented. Just bear this in mind when deciding if that outfit genuinely works for you, or if you’re just wearing it because everyone else is.

15)   Don’t get a piercing just because your friend is

My bellybutton piercing is still my biggest ‘piercing regret’ to this day. I was only 12, and essentially got it done because my friends did. It really hurt, caused me weeks of pain, and eventually ripped out (so it was a waste of £40). I am a great lover of piercings, but I wish someone had stopped me getting this one. They’re a commitment, so make sure you’re getting them (or anything else like this) because you genuinely want to.

16)   You have your own mind to make decisions, use it

This leads on from my last point, but can also be applied to a wider range of issues. There is so much pressure when you are in school to act and look a certain way. We all are/ have experienced this in some capacity, and it can be an incredibly tough time. But you are allowed to dress a little differently, or wear different clothes or have a different hairstyle. Don’t do what everyone else is doing, just because you feel you have to.

17)   Be careful with what you put on social media

I’m sure we are all guilty of posting a passive aggressive tweet from time to time. They’re certainly one way of venting in the short term, but can ultimately cause more problems than they’re worth. Before posting anything online, make sure it’s something you are genuinely happy for other people to see. Once it’s out there, it’s very hard to take back.

18)   Only drink alcohol if you want to, not because others are telling you to

I have had many a great experience involving alcohol, but also some less great experiences. Again, there is so much peer pressure surrounding alcohol in your early teens that it can seem almost impossible to say no. But if you don’t want to drink, then don’t. If those around you are real friends, they will understand your decision. If not, refer back to Part 1, Lesson 5 and cut out those negative influences.

19)   Don’t shave your arm hair

This was a one-time thing, but I had to put it in here. Shaving my arm hair was a major (almost instant) life regret. Sure, you have dolphin smooth forearms for the first day or so. But that doesn’t last forever, and sooner or later that hair will grow back darker and thicker than it was in the first place.

20)   Your Mum is probably right

“Take a jacket with you, it’ll be cold”, “Are you sure you want to wear that?”, “It’s a waste of money, you’ll be bored of it in a couple of weeks”. You probably don’t like to admit it, but your Mum is usually right about almost everything. Listen to her, because she know what she’s talking about. Unless your Mum tells you than dinner is ready, she is probably lying about that one.

Ellie x


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